Advance Java

Syllabus for Advance Java

  • Overview

v  Three Tiers for J2EE

v  Three Tiers for J2SE

v  The Case Study & Design Patterns

v  Domain and Service Models

  • Database and SQL Fundamentals

v  Relational Databases and SQL

v  Database, Schema, Tables, Columns and Rows

v  DDL-Creating and Managing Database Objects

v  DML-Retrieving and Managing Data

v  Sequences, Stored Procedures

v  Using SQL Terminals

  • JDBC Fundamentals

v  What is the JDBC API?

v  JDBC Drivers & Making a Connection

v  Creating and Executing a Statement

v  Retrieving Values from a Result Set

v  SQL and Java Data types

v  Creating and Updating Tables

v  Handling SQL Exceptions/ Proper Cleanup/Warning

  • Advanced JDBC

v  SQL Escape Syntax

v  Conditional (if) Statements

v  Using Prepared & Callable Statements

v  Scrollable & Updateable Result Sets

  • Introduction to Row Sets

v  Row Sets in GUI and J2EE programming

v  Advantages of Row Sets, Row Set Specializations

v  Use of Cached Row Sets

  • JDBC classes and the java.sql

v  Driver Manager and Data Source Connection

v  Statement, Prepared Statement, and Callable Statement

v  Result Set, Javax.sql package & Row sets

  • Connecting to databases

v  Selecting and installing a database driver

v  Connecting to the database via a network address

v  Connecting to the database based on information supplied by JNDI (the Java Naming and Directory Interface)

v  Using  Java. sql. Data Source class

v  Increasing performance with connection pooling

v  Opening and closing the connection

v  Handling Class Not Found Exception and SQL Exception

  • JDBC design patterns

v  Overview of client tier, presentation tier, business tier & resource tier patterns

v  The data access, Value & model-view-controller object pattern

  • Servlet

v  HTML Forms & Servlets Overview

v  Servlet Lifecycle: init(), service(), destroy()

v  Generic Servlet Request/Response

v  Http Servlet Request/Response

v  Request-response, headers, GET, POST & Accessing Parameters

  • Additional Servlet Capabilities

v  HTTP headers and MIME types

v  Request Dispatcher: Including and forwarding

v  Sharing data with the request object attributes

v  Sharing data with Servlet Context attributes

v  Error Handling

  • JavaServer Pages

v  Basics and Overview

v  JSP architecture/tags/expressions

v  Fixed Template Data , Lifecycle of a JSP

v  Model View Controller

v  Model 1/Model 2 Architecture

v  Data Sharing among servlets & JSP

v  Request, application, session and page scope

v  JSP implicit objects

  • Session Management

v  HTTP as a stateless protocol

v  Hidden form fields

v  Cookies, Session tracking & Http Session

v  Exception handling and error pages

v  Directives, Single Thread Model interface


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