Syllabus for Mechanical

Course Description: This course is designed for students who wish to be involved with the architectural and engineering design fields and for those interested in computer aided design. Students will be introduced to both traditional and computer aided drafting skills. The aim of CAD is to introduce students to basic information, skills, and concepts related to drafting and design. Special attention is given to: sketching, measurement, room planning, multi-view drawing, auxiliary views, working drawings, sectional views, orthographic drawings along with AutoCAD tools and commands. Current and future trends in the architectural and engineering fields will be examined.

Course Objectives:

Assessment and Grading:

1. Daily Participation

  • A daily participation/preparation grade will be given each day.
  • This participation grade will be averaged as 25% of your final grade each marking period.
  • Being ready for class by having ideas generated, having supplies and work in progress out from the cabinet, and having a positive attitude are all part of expected behaviors to receive high marks for class participation.
  • Students should also be willing and responsible to find solutions on their own as well as through teacher help.

2. Projects

  • All projects will be given a due date when assigned or once enough progress has been made to set the due date.
  • Project grades average 50% of the final grade each marking period.  

3. Quizzes and tests average 25% of the final grade each marking period.

4. Grading scales and effort ratings can be found in your student handbook.


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