Basic Electronics and Electrical

Syllabus for Elctronics & Electrical

  • What is basic?
  • Basic about AC and DC
  • Safety and Precaution from AC and DC
  • Difference b/w Practical working and theoretically definition of the components?
  • Soldering and de-soldering
  • How you can more projects from one type IC?
  • How you can make project from relays only?
  • Components Working
  • Components Testing
  • Terminal Finding of components
  • Substitute of Components
  • Study of transformer
  • Designing of Gates
  • Safety Circuits
  • Research on new Projects
  • PCB software learning
  • Basic about Microcontroller
  • Minor circuits
  • ADC, Decoder and Encoder
  • Digital Electronics
  • Troubleshooting of projects
  • Introduction to AVR, PIC, Philips and ARM
  • Introduction to GSM and CDMA


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